Attorney Kathryn M. WakefieldPittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Are you looking for a skilled and experienced attorney focused on your needs when it comes to real estate? At Wakefield Law Group, P.C., not only will you receive the attention you deserve, but you’ll get the most qualified attorney for the job. If you’re located in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, area, then look no further than our law offices to get the job done in a professional and successful manner.

An Attorney You Can Trust

Kathryn M. Wakefield is not only a respected individual in the field by her peers, but she is also highly regarded by her clients past and present. It is her attitude and savvy approach to clients’ situations that earn her this position of trust amongst clients. You can count on Wakefield Law Group, P.C. to effectively pursue the real estate cases you are passionate about solving. Getting involved in legal matters is never a fun decision, and she is here to help you make the process simpler and more comfortable. She is on your side.

Areas of Practice

If you are seeking legal assistance and you’re located in Pittsburgh, Kathryn is well-equipped to tenaciously handle your issues with finesse and utmost professionalism, taking the stress off of you. Her areas of practice include real estate purchase, finances and closings, private equity, landlord and tenant dealings, fraudulent concealment or seller disclosure fraud, entity formation, small business counseling and purchase and sale, general contract counseling and litigation, small claims, arbitration, and trial work. As you can see, Kathryn’s experience transcends ever further than the real estate realm, so even if you are seeking a general litigation lawyer, know that she is ready to listen to your issues and help you conceptualize a successful legal strategy.

Peace of Mind

Crossing over into legal procedures in the real estate sector isn’t always easy. Kathryn knows that legal discourse can be confusing sometimes, especially if you’ve already got enough on your plate. If you’re facing any issues, whether they involve a dishonest landlord or simply understanding a contract, don’t hesitate to reach out to Wakefield Law Group, P.C. today. It is Kathryn’s passion to help you practice your rights as an American, one of those being the right to an attorney. Don’t let anyone take those rights away from you; consult Kathryn today.

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