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Are you looking for a skilled and experienced legal team focused on your needs when it comes to real estate, entity formation and estate planning/administration? At Wakefield Law Group, P.C., not only will you receive the attention you deserve, but you’ll get the most qualified legal team for the job. If you’re located in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, area, then look no further than our law offices to get the job done in a professional and successful manner.

Attorney Kathryn M. Wakefield

Kathryn M. Wakefield is not only respected by her peers but was voted top 10 attorneys in Pittsburgh in the City Paper 2022 Readers’ Choice poll. Having started practice in big law and found her way to her solo niche in real estate, small business and estate work, her experience lends itself to big and small clients. You can count on Wakefield Law Group, P.C. to effectively pursue the real estate cases you are passionate about winning, assist in preparing you for the pitfalls of new ventures, properly planning for your legacy to heirs and assisting with most any real estate transactional matter. Getting involved in legal and real estate matters requires the aid of an experienced legal team and Wakefield Law Group is here to help you make the process simpler and more comfortable. We are on your side.

Executive Paralegal/Office Manager, Jeannie Branthoover

Jeannie Branthoover brings 20 years of paralegal experience to the table.   Having worked in title insurance and a busy transactional real estate practice before joining Wakefield Law Group, Jeannie handles drafting of transactional documents, entity formations, estate planning documents and preparation of real estate conservatorship petitions.  Jeannie’s expertise in these matters contributes to cost-effective representation of clients and ease of communication in billing and other administrative aspects of representation.  Jeannie works off-site.

Litigation Paralegal, Marie Scott

Marie Scott has been working as a litigation paralegal for 30 years, the early part of her career having been the right hand of the head of litigation at one of Pittsburgh’s largest law firms.   Marie tackles labor and focus intensive aspects of litigation such as discovery and drafting pleadings that her experience allows her to do efficiently at a lower cost to the client.   Marie concentrates on one case at a time to ensure attention to detail and continuity of focus that means a lot to the success of cases.  Marie works off-site.

Legal Assistant, Nikki Mundaniohl

Nikki Mundaniohl is the firm’s legal assistant.  She calendars upcoming court and other events, informs clients of dates and deadlines, assists with trial prep and keeps client files updated.  Nikki brings administrative experience in the insurance industry as well as property management experience to the firm.  She is on-site.

Peace of Mind

Crossing over into legal procedures in the real estate sector isn’t always easy. Kathryn knows that legal discourse can be confusing sometimes, especially if you’ve already got enough on your plate. If you’re facing any issues, whether they involve a dishonest landlord or simply understanding a contract, don’t hesitate to reach out to Wakefield Law Group, P.C. today. It is Kathryn’s passion to help you practice your rights as an American, one of those being the right to an attorney. Don’t let anyone take those rights away from you; consult Kathryn today.

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