Kathryn M. Wakefield, Esq.

Wakefield Law Group, P.C., is located at PO Box 5053, Pittsburgh, PA 15232, is run solely by Kathryn. She practices law in Pittsburgh and for the surrounding area and has joined forces with Big Green Capital Management, LLC and Venture Launch, LLC as managing member and general counsel.


Kathryn went to the University of Pittsburgh and earned her Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Communication. She continued on to University of Pittsburgh School of Law/Katz Graduate School of Business where she earned a dual degree in law and business, focusing on Transactional/Securities Law. All the way from being a landlord in the East End for 14 years to representing landlords and tenants in various disputes, Kathryn has negotiated, fought, sued, and represented her clients with everything she’s got. She is tenacious and has committed to serving those in need.


Upon graduation from the JD/MBA program in 1999, Kathryn worked at Klett Rooney Lieber & Schorling, a large firm that later merged with Buchanan Ingersoll, forming Buchanan Ingersoll Rooney. While at Klett Rooney, Kathryn worked in the firm’s bankruptcy and real estate departments.

After leaving Klett Rooney, Kathryn worked in public service as an assistant county solicitor with the Allegheny County Law Department. She returned to private practice in order to hone her real estate skills and experience and has worked as a real estate attorney – either for others or for herself, ever since.

Back in 2012, while working with Pittsburgh’s largest property management company, she began collected back rent and damages from people who broke their leases or caused damage to their rental property costing more than their security deposit. Kathryn also developed an understanding of the challenges of property management while working in-house and is a great resource for smaller property managers as a result.

For the past 5 years, Kathryn has been developing her practice and handles entity formation, real estate purchase, private equity, finance and closings, landlord/tenant, small business counseling/purchase and sale, fraudulent concealment/seller disclosure fraud, general contract counseling and litigation, small claims, arbitration and trial work.


If you’re a landlord trying to evict or collect from tenant (past or present) or if you’re a tenant living in unthinkable conditions, Kathryn can help; if you’re buying or selling a house or investment property without the benefit of an agent or broker, Kathryn has the tools to help you protect your interests. From agreements of sale to rent-to-own contracts to private notes and mortgages, Kathryn has the tools to save you time and money in private real estate deals. She has an affiliated title agent that can efficiently and accurately handle all of your closing needs.

If you find yourself with a property that has pre-existing issues (prior to your closing) she will work with you to preserve the evidence and interview potential witnesses to ensure a rescission or partial refund.

Kathryn’s mission as an attorney is to provide accessible and reasonably priced advice that assists real estate investors and small business owners as they pursue the American dream and to assist everyday people in protecting and asserting the rights that the law affords them.

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