Practice Areas

If you are seeking legal assistance and you’re located in Pittsburgh or the surrounding area, Wakefield Law Group is well-equipped to tenaciously handle your issues with finesse and utmost professionalism, taking the stress off of you. Our areas of practice include real estate purchase, finances and closings, private equity, Act 135 Conservatorship filing and defense, landlord and tenant dealings, fraudulent concealment or seller disclosure fraud, PA entity formation, small business counseling, purchase and sale, general contract counseling and litigation, small claims, arbitration, and trial work.

Landlord/Tenant Counseling and Litigation

Attorney Wakefield has been representing commercial and residential landlords and tenants for many years and has been a landlord in Pittsburgh’s East End for 22 years. Having spent 3 years in-house handling collection and damages lawsuits for Pittsburgh’s largest property management firm, Kathryn has negotiated amicable payment agreements, sued tenants for property damage in all Allegheny County courts and can garnish wages for judgments based on tenant damage to real property. Jeannie Branthoover, also a former landlord, assists clients with lease drafting to avoid pitfalls and protect the interests of business tenants and landlords in complex buildout scenarios. As experienced landlords, Kathryn and Jeannie are adept at drafting commercial and residential leases that eliminate cost variables in commercial settings for

Act 135 Conservatorships

If you have not heard the term “Conservatorship” used in a real estate context, it describes a situation in which a nonprofit or neighbor of a blighted property fitting certain statutory criteria may “take over” the property. A conservator cures the blight and returns the property to productive use or otherwise proceeds with a court approved plan to minimize the negative effects of the property on the neighborhood or business district. Wakefield Law Group handles these cases for organizations whose focus is strictly on conservatorships as well as for individuals who want to do right by their neighbors and earn conservatorship fees to compensate them for their willingness to get involved and revitalize their communities. This can be an excellent strategy for building a real estate portfolio as a new investor, or for protecting the value of your existing portfolio from the negative effects of nearby undesirable properties. Many conservators face hardships due to improper service and lack of attention to detail by their counsel. Jeannie and Kathryn are laser focused on moving Act 135 Petitions from filing to hearing date by complying with all of the service requirements from the beginning. Delays caused by other law firms visit upon their clients debt service carrying costs and, often times, costly quiet title actions that are required to pull equity out of post-plan Conservator owned properties. Many conservators and developers are turning to Wakefield Law Group because of our attention to detail and respect for the sanctity of title required to leverage rehabbed properties without additional legal costs.

Real Estate Related Litigation

Wakefield Law Group handles Seller Disclosure Fraud/Realtor Liability cases, Unfair Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Cases (relating to landlord/tenant, real estate agent or contractor disputes), Home Improvement Consumer Protection Act and other real estate related litigation. We typically represent plaintiffs, but also handle defense of cases not claimed on insurance. We also represent commercial and residential property owners in assessment appeals.

Entity Formation

Wakefield Law Group forms entities such as LLC’s, corporations, partnerships and trusts. Sometimes these vehicles are born of real estate or estate planning engagements and sometimes as a result of a new business venture. We welcome fledgling business owners to seek counseling on startup legal issues and partnership pitfalls and protections at the beginning stages to avoid costly and impactful issues and disputes as your business grows.

Estate Planning and Administration

Wakefield Law Group handles estate planning in terms of drafting wills, living wills, powers of attorney and assisting with titling assets in anticipation of probate. We also administer estates of deceased loved ones for clients.

LGBTQIA Community

Attorney Wakefield is licensed to officiate weddings and is a known ally of the local LGBTQIA community. Wakefield Law Group handles issues affecting couples of any orientation such as cohabitation agreements and titling of real estate where partners are not married at the time of purchase. We handle Pre-and Post-nuptial agreements and estate planning/POA’s for unmarried partners. We also handle name changes and general advocacy for the LGBTQIA community.


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