Practice Areas

General Litigation Services

Kathryn handles small claims, arbitration and Court of Common Pleas trials for various reasons, including without limitation contract disputes, failed real estate deals, loan defaults and any type of dispute that may arise in the real estate or small business arena.


Kathryn Wakefield has been representing landlords and tenants for many years and has been a landlord in the East End for 14 years. Having spent 3 years in-house handling collection and damages lawsuits for Pittsburgh’s largest property management firm, Kathryn has negotiated amicable payment agreements, sued tenants for property damage in all Allegheny County courts and can garnish wages for judgments based on tenant damage to real property.

Private Equity

Are you a real estate investor whose dreams are fatter than your wallet? Kathryn can explore using private money to grow your investment portfolio, whether it is via arms-length lenders or via people you know, who may be interested in putting their money to work in a private placement, which will raise the capital for you to purchase an apartment building or portfolio of investment properties.

Real Estate Transactional and Litigation Support

If you are buying or selling a house or investment property without the help of an agent or broker, Kathryn has the tools to assist you in protecting your interests as the transaction evolves toward closing, from agreements of sale to rent-to-own contracts to private notes and mortgages. Kathryn works with a Shadyside title agent who will efficiently and accurately handle all of your closing needs.

Tax Assessment Appeals

If you lived or owned property in Allegheny County in 2012, you surely remember the reassessment nightmare that was the talk of the town in those days. While a reassessment of this calibre may not be imminent, spot reassessment issues occur all the time, either randomly or as a result of building permit applications or other issues particular to a property or taxing jurisdiction.

Venture Launch, LLC

Through a wholly owned affiliate, VentureLaunch, LLC, Kathryn provides affordable documentation and business counseling to start-ups. The VentureLaunch start-up package is very reasonable compared to competing law firms and the counseling support is significantly better than on-line entity mills. Kathryn caters your formation documents to goals that you (and, if applicable, your family members and/or partners) may have in terms of future growth and cautionary provisions for managers.

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