Act 135 Conservatorships

If you have not heard the term “Conservatorship” used in a real estate context, it describes a situation in which a nonprofit or neighbor of a blighted property fitting certain statutory criteria may “take over” the property. A conservator cures the blight and returns the property to productive use or otherwise proceeds with a court approved plan to minimize the negative effects of the property on the neighborhood or business district. Wakefield Law Group handles these cases for organizations whose focus is strictly on conservatorships as well as for individuals who want to do right by their neighbors and earn conservatorship fees to compensate them for their willingness to get involved and revitalize their communities. This can be an excellent strategy for building a real estate portfolio as a new investor, or for protecting the value of your existing portfolio from the negative effects of nearby undesirable properties. Many conservators face hardships due to improper service and lack of attention to detail by their counsel. Jeannie and Kathryn are laser focused on moving Act 135 Petitions from filing to hearing date by complying with all of the service requirements from the beginning. Delays caused by other law firms visit upon their clients debt service carrying costs and, often times, costly quiet title actions that are required to pull equity out of post-plan Conservator owned properties. Many conservators and developers are turning to Wakefield Law Group because of our attention to detail and respect for the sanctity of title required to leverage rehabbed properties without additional legal costs.

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