Kathryn Wakefield has been representing landlords and tenants for many years and has been a landlord in the East End for 14 years. Having spent 3 years in-house handling collection and damages lawsuits for Pittsburgh’s largest property management firm, Kathryn has negotiated amicable payment agreements, sued tenants for property damage in all Allegheny County courts and can garnish wages for judgments based on tenant damage to real property. Do you have judgments on the books that you have never turned into money in your pocket? Kathryn aggressively pursues tenants who left you high and dry. On the tenant side, Kathryn took on a disreputable landlord and received punitive damages for a tenant who was without heat or usable bathroom facilities for almost one year. Kathryn also has effectively managed “ejectment” cases for property owners who have allowed family members or others to live in their homes or investment properties without leases. Whether you are a landlord trying to evict or collect from a present or past tenant, or a tenant living in uninhabitable conditions, help is available at a reasonable price.

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