Real Estate Transactional and Litigation Support

If you are buying or selling a house or investment property without the help of an agent or broker, Kathryn has the tools to assist you in protecting your interests as the transaction evolves toward closing, from agreements of sale to rent-to-own contracts to private notes and mortgages. Kathryn works with a Shadyside title agent who will efficiently and accurately handle all of your closing needs.

Have you found yourself in a property with issues that likely began prior to your closing? Pinning the blame on a former owner or seller’s agent can be tricky, but can result in a rescission of the sale or money toward repairs. It is important to engage an attorney as soon as possible after discovering what likely was a pre-existing defect in order to preserve evidence and interview potential witnesses while their memories are fresh. Kathryn can help you get to the bottom of the problem and ensure that you have the best evidence and approach to requesting a rescission or partial refund on a property purchase, where defects were hidden or not disclosed.

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